The Soviet Revolution And The Russian Revolution Essay examples

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Orlando Figes is a professor of history at the University of London. He has published many books concerning Russian history, such as A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924, which received the Wolfson History Prize and other awards as well. Figes has proven to be a very accomplished author, proving the world with comprehensive information about Russian history, which have been translated into more than 20 languages. In his book, Revolutionary Russia, 1981-1991, he provides a complex history of Russia, including the Russian Revolution of 1917. Though he explains multiple factors for the cause of the revolution, one factor that he provides interesting debate about is the involvement of Tsarina Alexandra and Rasputin. Alexandra had put her faith as a healer in Rasputin for her hemophiliac son, the tsarevich Alexis, as well as appointing him as a personal advisor to herself and Nicholas . Figes explains that, during the First World War and the Tsar’s departure for the Front, many ministers were alarmed that the government was left in the hands of the Empress and her advisor, Rasputin. Alexandra had much influence on the Tsar, persuading him to reassert his autocratic power, and he resulted in closing down the Duma, sparking a two-day strike in Petrograd. The Empress continued to have an influence on the government as Nicholas was at the front, becoming an autocrat herself. Figes describes:
Her ambitions were encouraged by her ‘holy friend’ Rasputin, who used her as…

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