The School Of School For The Academic Year Essay example

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It is another August. The teachers enter the school for the academic year, the main hallway, as well as the walkways are buzzing with excitement and mixed emotions. The faculty meeting begins at 8:30. The returning faculty are engaged in conversations of last year’s accomplishments and setbacks. A first-year teacher enters timidly smiling and finds a seat in the crowded library. As the conversation continues she sits nervously listening to the exchange amongst her new colleagues. The conversation shifts to an annoyed teacher who begins to voice her negative opinion of the administrators, the school’s appearance, the parents, and the students. The unseasoned teacher’ smile begins to fade as she continues to listen. The meeting begins; she sits numbed by what she has heard. After the meeting teachers were excited about the school year and the tasks at hand. On the first day of school some students would come without supplies; however their lack of preparation would not hinder the implementation of rigorous instructions. Another task was the organization of classrooms and in spite of the appearance of the rundown sixty-two year old school building, their rooms had to be prepared for open house. The rusty bricks sprinkled with small traces of graffiti written by fuming early elementary students. The paint of the metal posts lining the walkways are increasingly chipping away; and when it rains, the roof covering the walkways are transformed into beautiful cascading waterfalls.…

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