The School Of A School Leader Essay

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A school leader should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and understandings of seven essential standards that promote the success of all students these are: developing a vision and a plan for the school, promoting a positive school culture and climate, instructional leader, efficient and effective manager of the organization, collaborating with families and the community, acting fairly, ethically, and with integrity, and responds to and influences the politics, social, economic, legal, and cultural context of which might impact the educational and social opportunities for our students. (Ubben, Hughes, & Norris, 2007) In reflecting upon these standards, there were moments in the Principalship course that each one at some point was deeply discussed with colleagues. The following essay will elaborate on the few that have a direct impact on student success and how they frame my understandings of the principalship. At the beginning of the course, a discussion ensued on the effective traits of a principal. Among these traits were an excellent communicator, openness to feedback, instructional leader and coach, creative, innovative, and the ability to state a vision for the school and a plan to achieve the vision. According to an article in Education World, it stated that stating a vision for the school was an essential leadership trait along with having credibility and visibility. (Hopkins, 2000) A great principal is one that is deliberate on including his/her staff…

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