The School Needs For School Safety Essay

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Lastly, the school needs to keep assessing the plan to make sure the plan will continue to be successful. If the schools were to install the SARA program it would help them because instead of just punishing something a student did and then continuing on, the school can actually find out how to prevent the crime. By installing this program the teachers and schools would be making sure the students continued to learn not only from their classes but also from their mistakes. Also by installing the SARA program the school would help to ensure the safety of the other students who are affected by the actions of other students. This is why by installing these problem solving programs helps the schools to ensure student safety. Though installing problem solving techniques may work in certain situations there are also some negatives to installing these programs. One problem is not having these four things, “A long-term principal, stable teaching force, formal staff training in antiviolence programs, and the will to keep them in place” (Graham,1). First off, this quote is saying in order for any of these programs to work you need these. If the school doesn’t have “a long-term principal” the program will not succeed because it will not be as important to the new principal or maybe it will be more important to the new principal. In order for this program to work they have to have a consistent principal. The next thing needed in order for these programs to work is a “stable teaching…

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