Essay on The School Days of an Indian Girl

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“The school Days of an Indian Girl” “The school days of an Indian girl” is a narrative essay based on life turning experience of a Native American Indian Girl. The author Zitkala , was born in south Dakota in 1876.In this essay she has described how she felt humiliated and embarrassed in the beginning of the school days. Later, her emotion turned into revenge stage to express the frustration .According to the author she was forced to join the missionaries’ school at the age of eight along with other children .In nineteenth century many Native Americans were pressured by the missionaries to change their language, faith and culture. Zitkala was one of them.
The author has described the feelings in the way it happened in 3 different
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She does not want short hair because short hair is a symbol for mourns and cowards in their culture. she tried to escape but all in vain.

“The snow episode” is an example of miscommunication of English language. She played with her friends in the snow and found herself in trouble. They did not obey the playing rules and have been called for explanation. Her friend Thowine was investigated first by paleface lady but her reply “No” was an opposite answer of each question. Oh poor all of us who only knows English word “No” .Finally it worked to the question “Are you going to fall in the snow again”? “No”. It was relief for us. Within a year the author was able to express her feelings in broken English .But she felt insulted and hurt, as a result she developed the sense of revenge to express her anger. She broke the jar when she was told to mash the turnips. Although she was satisfied but she had inner sorry feelings for this action .She was surprised to found a revenge power by looking into her heart deeply.
In my opinion, we can analyses the author, s experiences in the light of negative and positive view of the life. Although, the author went through many embarrassing and insulting situation during the learning of English language but the positive outcome was she got the opportunity to study music in the college. Furthermore, she became a good writer and source of transferring knowledge to the students through teaching

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