The Safety Of The Schools Essay

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The safety of the schools also has some impact on a student’s successful education. If a student does not feel comfortable with his or her surroundings, he or she will have a hard time being able to focus on the schoolwork and curriculum. “If a student or faculty member does not feel confident in the safety and support within the school, then their performance will suffer simply due to the distraction of worry” (Brown), Brown has witnessed the challenges students and faculty face by not feeling comfortable. She sees if students do not perform as strongly if they are worried about something or if something is bothering them.
Some successful students not only need the help of teachers and parents, but also the help from schools. Students sometimes need financial help or sometimes even tutoring to help their academic skills. Programs all across the nation have started to help students with their financial aid. The government of Tennessee has started a program called Tennessee Promise. This program is allowing students, who have graduated in the year of 2015 or 2016, to have their freshmen and sophomore years of college completely free, as long as they go to a community college in the state of Tennessee. This program is giving students, who may not have gotten to go to college because they were not able to afford the college tuition, a future open to tons of new opportunities for a more successful future. “Tennessee Promise was designed to target students who will be the first…

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