The Role And Use Of Theory Essays

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The first week of module two focused on the role and use of theory in research. Cresswell (2009) discusses the role of theory in the different types of research Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed methods. The use of theory is varied depending on the type of research you are doing. In quantitiative research theory is tested as an explanation for the answers to research questions. Variables are introduced and the relationships between these variables are explored to form hypotheses, which is what the researcher expects to find. Creswell states “A theory is an interrelated set of constructs (or variables) formed into propositions, or hypotheses, that specify the relationship among variables (typically in terms of magnitude or direction)” (Creswell, 2009). Theory can appear as an argument, a rationale or a discussion. Theory is used deductively and should be placed at the beginning of the proposal and becomes a framework for the entire study. In qualitative research the use of theory varies. Creswell (2009) states that theory in some instances it may be similar to quantitative used as a broad explanation of behavior and may have variables and hypotheses to be tested. It may also be used as a perspective or theoretical lens that provides an overall orientation for the research. Theoretical lenses are often based in theoretical perspectives such as feminist theory, Critical theory or Queer Theory and they shape the questions asked, the way data is collected and…

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