The Relationship Between Slaves And Indentured Servants Essay

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Slaves and indentured servants developed a relationship based upon similarity of duties in colonial America. Slaves and indentured servants preformed duties of housework and fieldwork. If these tasks were not preformed accordingly, both groups were beaten. Slaves and indentured servants could be bought and sold depending on their master’s preference. Both slaves and indentured servants also shared a similar relationship with their master; they were each viewed as property and as replaceable. The documents provided in readings package six highlights each observation mentioned. Each narrative within the readings package focuses on one main aspect of the immigrant experience. Accounts from William Byrd show the savage behavior in which slaves were viewed and treated. Entries from “The Story of Dick the Negro” show how a slave viewed his life and his treatment, as well as his master. Tales from three Irish servants experience in Pennsylvania shows the facets of indentured servitude. All of these documents can be analyzed and compared to ascertain a general idea of how relationships were between slaves and indentured servants were maintained. These documents also provide evidence upon how slaves and indentured servants interacted with their masters. The relationships described show a distinct pattern of management, resistance, and accommodation. As the frequency of slaves and indentured servants arrived to the Americas, stronger relationships developed that eventually led to…

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