Essay The Realm Of Being And Becoming

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Parmenides argued that Homo sapiens are conscious beings and are constantly aware. We can state that something exists or it does not, that “what is is and what is not not” where is refers to existence, being and not refers to non-being and nothingness (pg xx). Plato concluded that there are two different realms, the realm of being and becoming. For Plato, the realm of being encompasses that things do not change, born or die whereas, the realm of becoming holds that things do change and perish. The world of becoming is observed through our senses and the realm of being is perceived through the mind or reason. For constructing an account of reality, only the concept of what is can only be utilized. The concept of what is not cannot be used in any rational account of the world. For something is, it must be born or come from what exists or what does not exist. And if it does come from what exists, it is not born as it would have already existed, hence it cannot come from something that cannot exist. He believed that something cannot be born from nothing and that becoming and changing were incoherent concepts that don’t exist. The only thing that exists is Being and that what exists was not born will not die, but will exist for all eternity. Moreover, is nothingness some thingness or is it that only something that has existence can be something.
For example, lets consider the following, I can point to a pen that I am holding because it exists, it is something but what if I want…

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