The Public School System Of Public Schools Essay

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Since the establishment of public schools in America, politics have played a major role in its development and evolution. Throughout different times and eras in our history, the public school system has served various pivotal purposes for as to the furtherance of our nation. From its basic beginnings as a nation-building instrument to its modern use as a means of furthering our children and elevating them to international standing within the world’s educational level, public education has long been a pivotal and integral facet of American society. The public school system was originally created with the intentions of mass schooling being used to help create unity within the new nation. Many of the founders agreed that there desperately needed to be a sense of nationalism instilled into the citizens of the United States in order for the country to grow and prosper. Settlers of our newly formed country were immigrants from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and a national identity had yet to be forged. In order to remedy this problem, several great thinkers such as Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster came up with a general curriculum to be taught in public schools that emphasized patriotism and loyalty; it seemed the easiest way to create this identity would be to engrain uniquely American morals, values, and beliefs in the children who would eventually become the political leaders and ultimately decide the fate of the nation. Throughout the 19th century, governmental officials…

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