The Problem Of Computer Technology Essay examples

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As with the advances in computer technology, it appears that the world is experiencing a breakthrough with the massive explosion of computer usage has brought so many modern amenities to make our life easier although it raises a question about vulnerabilities in the computer infrastructure. As the matter of fact, today’s modern lives tend to rely on computers to reach a quest where machines are assigned to reduce human effort. Computer hacking is defined as a threat, which poses to security as the practice of modifying the features of computer system. The issues arising from the computer security have drawn satisfactory attention to look for a way of solution to approach the problem in recent year. This essay will outline the difficulties when being attacked in network-infrastructure as well as the difficulties that arise from operating system attack. Later on it will address the problem caused by malware attacks. Furthermore, it will move on to evaluate the effectiveness of solution to approach the problem.

Network security has been important concern which can be exploited by remote attacks through the network. In addition to, it’s a potential threat for users who experience a malicious attack to make network resource unavailable by sending just a single packet to the system. It’s a specific type of attack that exploits vulnerabilities in network. Most hacker tend to break down the network system to extract the confidential information without having permission to…

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