Essay on The Political Philosophy Of Unauthorized Immigration

1095 Words Jan 3rd, 2015 null Page
Should one say illegal, unauthorized or undocumented, and how about immigrant or alien? And which combination of these words should be used? Is it an immigration problem, per se, or a problem of unauthorized immigration? The words and their used-order depict a different meaning, with many drawing an array of solutions. Jose Jorge Medoze, from the University of Oregon, took a look at some of this in his article ‘The Political Philosophy of Unauthorized Immigration’ published in the American Philosophical Association’s Spring 2011 Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino issues in Philosophy. Although Medoze looks deeper than this label-semantics to find an ‘equal’ resolution for all, his evaluation of this matter falls short in taking an ‘equal’ approach, creating a taller mental wall-divide on the matter, rather than tearing one down to unite, in my mind.

To get to the root of the matter, Medoze introduces what strategy has been used, that is not working as the immigration problem continues to grow; it’s an ‘enforcement’ strategy. He finds two large issues with it, calling on first the tragic loss of life due to this strategy. “Rather than decreasing the number of unauthorized immigrants, increased border enforcement has instead increased the number of deaths of those attempting to cross the board through unsanctioned channels.” The second he goes on to inform that half of illegal immigrants did come ‘legally’, however overstayed their visas, which the ‘enforcement’ strategy…

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