The Philosophy Of The Great Philosopher Essay

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The great philosopher Socrates is all about teaching and growing as a student, thus he has a lot to teach. In everything he does he has a lesson that can be learned. Some of the things Socrates touches on include: the four virtues, the natural formation of classes, as well as when education begins In Gary Alan Scott’s book, “Plato’s Socrates as Educator” Scott states, “Teaching produces as total increase in knowledge since the knowledge spreads from one to two or more persons. The teacher must aim at the truth and not be deceitful or reticent, so that both parties come to see the goal of the process has been fulfilled.” Socrates truly taught with truthfulness so his students could begin to think for themselves, and some of the things he taught are stated as aforementioned. In Plato’s “Great Dialogues of Plato”, Socrates teaches seemingly every moment, and these teaching truly have a tremendous impact on the way the world is viewed.
The first way Socrates changes the way the world is viewed in Plato’s “Great Dialogues of Plato” is by teaching the four cardinal virtues. These virtues include: wisdom, courage, moderation and justice. Socrates says that wisdom is for the leaders, the leaders must be able to have wisdom to teach, and Socrates believes that the leaders need to be philosophers, which would indeed have said wisdom. Socrates then talks about the second virtue, courage. This virtue is only necessary for the second class; the auxiliary. Only auxiliary needs courage…

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