The Philosophy Of Jean Paul Sartre Essays

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Are any “natural human rights” real? What reason is there to think “natural human rights” do or do not exist?
What are human rights? According to John Locke, there are three basic human rights given: the right to life, liberty, and estate. Human rights are rights that are inherent to all human beings when one enters the world. As humans, we rights that protect us from things like discrimination, freedom of thought and religion, and slavery. These basic human rights are often expressed by laws in forms of treaties, general principles, and help govern way of life for humans. Although these natural human rights are here to stay, could we actually say these rights are “real”?
When it comes to this topic, I begin to think of the philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre. He quotes, “If existence really does proceed essence, man is responsible for what he is. You are responsible for your nature and in choosing myself, I choose man.” I believe his philosophical ideology is parallel to my current belief about human rights existing. I believe that human rights only exist to the ones who inherent these rights for themselves. There have been many situations recently where basic human have been pushed to the side and personal beliefs have been embedded on to others. With the current times, generations are being heavily influenced with media, violence, and political oppression, it is hard to say the basic human rights are universal.
Life: everyone is entitled to live once they are created. One…

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