The Philosophy Of Education Paper

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Greg Waddell
Philosophy of Education Paper
February 10, 2015

I believe that how we view God affects how we view the rest of the world. My role as a teacher is not immune from that, and, as a result, my philosophy of education is derived from the perspective in which I view my creator. As a Christian, I believe that God is the foundation of all truth, I believe that God exists, and that He has revealed himself through both general revelation and personal revelation. To quote Francis Shaeffer, I believe that, “He is there and He is not silent.”
His reveals Himself to us in three distinct ways: in creation itself, in the Bible, and in Jesus Christ (God made manifest in human form.) Those revelations reveal that He is both good and holy and present a very real problem to the human race. Though we are made in His image and are his handiwork, because of the Fall, we are burdened with a sin nature and are dead in our natural state. As a result of that sin nature, we are subject to bear the wrath of God and can only be forgiven through profession of faith in Christ and a belief that the atoning work of on the cross can reconcile us to God. Because we are made in God’s image, we are endowed with the communicable trait of rationality and are able to recognize our positions as bearers of the imago Dei. We are gifted with a conscience and a mind, which separates us from the rest of creation. We are also blessed with the desire to know the unknowable. Though there are…

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