Essay on The Philosophy Of Central Sterile Supply Department

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The philosophy of Central Sterile Supply Department is to strive to provide an ethical eminence and optimal service to the individuals providing direct patient care. Although not always perceived or recognized, the quality of items processed and issued by Central Sterile Supply Department affects the quality of care received by individual patients and must be exemplary. The primary function of Central Sterile Supply Department demands adherence to rigid standards of asepsis in order to ensure the production and the preservation of sterile items. In addition, precision, attentiveness, and effectiveness are necessary in assembling instrument sets and processing equipment in support of patient care areas. Central Sterile Supply Department supports education and training for the staff. A well rounded knowledge base enhances and ensures the understanding of the impact of all aspects of the work accomplished in Central Sterile Supply Department. Because of this high technical nature of Central Sterile Department functions, it is imperative that a thorough education, explicit professional training program for onboard hires, and a CEU in-service program is offered which will keep the staff knowledgeable of current technology, procedures, and equipment. Central Sterile Department is conscientiously concerned with the safety and well- being of patients and staff. The concern for patients is demonstrated indirectly through service to patient care departments. Concern for…

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