The Number Of The Day Essay

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Number of the Day
In addition to daily data, an equally important daily strategy is number of the day. This daily activity provides children opportunities to write equations or create alternative ways to represent the designated number of the day. During this important daily concept building time, students learn and understand that numbers can be represented and expressed with words, pictures, tally marks, digits, currency, and by using equations. Students develop flexibility in expressing numbers and explore the relationships among numbers and operations when focusing on the designated number of the day (Burton, 2010, p.93). “Developing a deep, connected understanding of mathematics promotes the learning of computational skills (Zemelmen, Daniels, & Hyde, 1996, p. 113). Number of the day provides daily opportunity for students to focus on the connections and relationships of numbers and provides a foundation for learning the more complex skills involved with advanced mathematics. Activities that focus on representing numbers in a variety of ways helps develop flexibility and number sense for preschool and kindergarten aged children (Burton, 2010, p.93). Students can share and discuss solutions with other students. This will help students verify their answer and highlight, for both students and teachers, where students have deviated or may be struggling. Students will benefit from this type of cooperative learning because other students may be able to explain more…

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