Essay on The Necessity Of A Modern World

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A Governmental Necessity in a More Modern World
When the nation was founded, the leaders and executives were tired of the iron fist of King George III, thus ensuring the level headed and sensible governance by those appointed by the people who were to be ruled. Since we’ve been blessed with this type of government for so long, we don’t really have a basis for comparison for being ruled by a dictator. Sure, there are portions of history wherein people have been unhappy with the way things have unfurled, but there has never in the history of America the nation, been a person forcing us as a people to bend to their whim. The America we see today is vastly different from the America we have witnessed in the past, and it is partly due to the evolving technological landscape and necessity of efficiency to maintain a profitable market. The constitution this nation was based on is no longer relevant to the ever-changing nature of our modern society.

When we stand behind our nation’s elected representatives it is fair to think that we’ll see them make the decisions that will be in the public interest. However, we have seen increased catering to the special interests groups that pay for our policymakers campaigns, therefore making them beholden to the requests of a select few instead of serving the greater majority of citizens which they are sworn to help. More and more politicians are forgoing the principles of collaboration that this country was based on and only thinking…

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