The Life of a Boy Named Amir Essay

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The Kite Runner Final Essay AG Novel A literary work conveys a compelling story specific to its time and place. Additionally, a memorable one explores issues and themes (universal truths) that are important, and timeless, for all readers. Keep this in mind as you think about each essay prompt. A convincing essay will include direct citations from the novel, commentary and use of scholarly analysis. Visit the Gale Digital Library, accessible from the Venture website (password: venture) to search for support. Additionally, use MLA format for your essay and utilize correct citations. Questions taken, in part, from the Khaled Hosseini Foundation curriculum. 1. Writer and human rights activist Isabel Allende …show more content…
5. The strong underlying force of this novel is the relationship between Amir and Hassan. Discuss their friendship. Why is Amir afraid to be Hassan’s true friend? Why does Amir constantly test Hassan’s loyalty? Why does he resent Hassan? After the kite running tournament, why does Amir no longer want to be Hassan’s friend? Discuss the major themes explored within their friendship. 6. The concept of betrayal ­­ or choosing not to betray someone ­­ has many implications for the lives of the characters in The Kite Runner. Consider three characters in the novel, at least

one who engages in betrayal and at least one who chooses not to engage in betrayal. Analyze the motivations for and the ramifications or consequences of each character's decision to betray or not to betray. 7. Explain to what degree you agree or disagree with the following statement: In The Kite Runner, shame is a destructive force. By using specific details from the characters’ experiences and citations from the novel to support your position, provide analysis and commentary in any degree of support or refutation. 8. In Chapter 25 of The Kite Runner, the author writes: “Your father was a man torn between two halves, Rahim Khan had said in his letter. I had been the entitled half, the society­approved, legitimate half, the unwitting embodiment of Baba’s guilt. I looked at Hassan, showing those two missing

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