Essay about The Legacy Of Jackson : An Uncommon, Common Man

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I have selected President Andrew Jackson as my topic for a research paper that will satisfy the requirements of my Capstone project, and have elected to title it “Jackson: An Uncommon, Common Man.” President Jackson was a fascinating man, a sparsely educated man who was nevertheless admitted to the bar after being a “reader of law” for two years (just like another President that would follow less than two score years later.) Jackson has been called the first “modern President” in that unlike his predecessors he did not defer to Congress on policy matters, but rather saw himself as a champion of the people (people, in that day, meaning land-owning white males, although that was not Jackson’s fault) who stood against cronyism and elitists that sought to control the fledgling nation. This shall be the main focus of my paper, the legacy of Jackson as a transformative figure in American politics.
Of course, Jackson’s Presidency isn’t the only interesting part of his story. Jackson was a noted fighter, winning brawls and duels to defend his honor. His most famous battle, The Battle of New Orleans, won him national fame and really was the spark that started the fire of his national political success. Even Jackson’s marriage to his beloved Rachel was controversial, as his political opponents accused them of bigamy, claiming Rachel was married to another man at the time of their marriage.
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