Essay on The Legacy Of Benjamin Franklin

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As we all know, Benjamin Franklin was not only a founding father of the United States but also has been seen as a renaissance men with multiple talents such as being a scientist, inventor, and author. With his knowledge he expands his religious views over the years of American society in a different perspective. Franklin believed that religion was vital to sustaining a moral society with people being able to receive a motivation or incentive to live and towards the afterlife. However, despite the pros of religion towards the common people of America. Franklin strongly thought religion was worthless over time unless it promoted or distributed vitreous behavior upon the common people, but Franklin still thanked god for helping him achieve a good life with a determined and admiring father. He explains later in his autobiography that he believes in a non-interventionist God without the religious denomination. On the other side, Mary Rowlandson heavily believed in God and how he “orchestrated” the conflict of the colonies and Native Americans. She believed that god punished her people of the colony for disrupting the special covenant of the people God chose. Unlike Franklin, she thinks the life itself was built and progressed by God himself, that he created the faith and path of the Puritan colonists. The views from these two autobiographies have shown different beliefs, however religion have always dominated humanity, as religion continues humanity will always pick it up and…

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