Essay on The Last Day Of September 2008

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On the last day of November 2008. A young man was murmuring about his pain lying inside a hospital room. His eyes were dark, and his head became bold as a result of a series of chemotherapy and the effect of the medicines he took. He could not breathe well, even with the help of an oxygen mask because his tumor metastasized to the lung. The doctor told his family to prepare for the worst situation as this was going to be his last few hours before death. Family members were surrounding him and praying for him. He was half asleep and half conscious. I was seeing my beloved cousin who was suffering from cancer. I was holding his knees, and it was the last moment of his life. He was only 28 years old and too young to die while he left his families forever. In my family, he was not the only one who died of some form of cancer. Three of my beloved family and relatives died from cancer. First, it was my grandmother who suffered from lung cancer, and the second was my uncle who died of liver cancer and finally it was my beloved cousin. How many of my beloved relatives will be taken away? We were helpless in the battle against cancer. At that time, I was only a middle school student in Yangon, Burma. As one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, our country did not have enough medical professionals in hospitals and medical technology and health care services are inadequate and limited. Since then, I wanted to fulfill the need of health professionals in hospitals. I took my…

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