The Lancaster Treaty Of 1744 Essay

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The history of Native Americans and settlers in the New World has long been biased towards that of the colonists settling in America. Few people know the extent to which the bias exists and they also don’t stop to consider the perspective of the people that have rightful ownership of the land. What most people do know are the stories of conquest that are often taught in school. These accounts are heavily in favor of the settlers and paint Native Americans as the savage evildoers hell-bent on ruining lives. This is why the Lancaster Treaty of 1744 is so important to American history. The minutes from the meeting in Lancaster detail a peaceful but powerful commentary about land disputes between the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia settlers and the Six Nations of the Iroquois. Relations between native peoples and that of settlers/Americans have always been turbulent. Whether it was a miscommunication, difference of cultures, claim for power or resources, land disputes, etc. there has always been some sort of dilemma that is split between the two sides. Very rarely was there a person who could cross both the Native American side and the settler side and be completely trusted by both. It was virtually non-existent, especially in 18th century America before the thirteen colonies were even separated from Britain. These unstable relationships were definitely present during the Lancaster Treaty. Around 250 members of the Six Nations of the Iroquois made the long…

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