The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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In The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini chronicles the story of how Amir, a boy in Afghanistan, grows up to become a writer in America. Throughout his life, he endures hardships, attempts to gain his father’s respect, and struggles with a colossal degree of remorse over his past. In order to clear his guilty conscience, Amir must travel back to Afghanistan and rescue his nephew, Sohrab, from the Taliban. During the story, Hosseini is able to construct his plot effectively using the novel’s two major themes of suffering and guilt.
Throughout the novel, immense hardships befall Amir 's closest friend Hassan. Hassan is brutally raped by Assef, yet he "[doesn 't] struggle… [doesn 't] even whimper"(81). Hassan accepts the situation, and resigns himself to his fate. Afterwards, Amir, who wants Hassan "to stop harassing [him]"(94), treats him terribly. He uses "[his] literacy to ridicule Hassan"(160) and "[pelts] him again and again"(98) with pomegranates. Despite this, Hassan must remain a servant with unwavering loyalty, and has to tolerate this torture silently. Amir would even "plant [his] new watch and… Afghani bills under"(110) Hassan’s mattress to frame him for stealing. The loss of Hassan 's closest friend exacerbates the emotional pain he must endure after his rape. He suffered a grueling childhood, mostly due to Amir 's cruelty. For this, Amir feels culpable and he struggles to escape from his past. After having fled from Afghanistan, Amir realizes that "America [is] a place…

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