Essay on The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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“For you, a thousand times over, I heard myself say. Then I turned and ran.” In “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, loyalty is an attitude of devoted affection while betrayal is the disappointment of the hopes that one contains. Even though Hassan shows loyalty, he is betrayed by his friend Amir. Amir is completely unaware of what is right and wrong and his relationships start to falter when he relies on his conscience to construct his decisions. On the other hand, Baba is willing to be loyal to his own heritage more than any other character in the novel. Khaled Hosseini highlights the inner conflict that involves the struggle between being true to oneself and being true to one’s heritage. Some characters deal successfully with this conflict, whereas others hesitate and their relationships suffer as a result.
In the novel, Hassan doesn’t recognize that he is showing loyalty towards Amir, who betrays him. It comes to Hassan’s mind that, as Amir’s servant, he thinks it’s best to be loyal to Amir despite the fact he is unaware of this feeling of loyalty. Betrayal also comes into play. “Amir agha won the tournament and I ran this kite for him. I ran it fairly. This is his kite.” (77). When it comes to friends, some people have a characteristic of being loyal to someone while not knowing it. At the same time, they are being betrayed. After Hassan ran the kite for Amir, Amir won the kite tournament even though both of them were working together as a team. This…

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