The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini Essay

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In The Kite Runner, a novel written by Khaled Hosseini, the main character, Amir, learns a huge life lesson that leaves a lasting impact on the way he views the world around him. Hassan, Amir’s half-brother, was once Amir’s servant and catered to Amir altruistically. Amir betrayed Hassan and regretted it after finding out who he really was years later. The revealing of Hassan’s authentic identity has a lasting effect on Amir as he progresses in life. The major lesson Amir learned was that he must be allegiant to his companions. Before Amir was informed that Hassan was his half-brother, Hassan was viewed as a servant to him and nothing more. Amir never claimed Hassan to be his friend. After witnessing Hassan take a sexual punishment, Amir held onto the secret for years without telling anyone. Although Hassan remained loyal to Amir throughout their relationship, Amir created problems that eventually drove Hassan and Ali, his believed father, off. When Amir learns that his father is Hassan 's biological father, he feels guilty for treating Hassan wrong. In chapter 9 when Hassan and Ali leave, Amir feels regretful . He did not know that his actions would drive them off. Despite the fact that Hassan owned up to something he did not do, Ali knew that Hassan could not keep defending Amir, when Amir was causing intentional pain to be afflicted among him. Since Ali and Hassan were Hazaras and Baba and Amir were Pashtuns, Hazaras are not viewed the same. Hazaras can be seen as…

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