The Job Of A Special Education Teacher Essay

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The job of a special education teacher may be very difficult and challenging at times. The profession requires patience, creativity, and adaptability. To be successful in this profession, I think you have to have a true passion to teach special education. I believe I have that passion. I fell in love with working with students with disabilities when I volunteered at a summer camp for people with disabilities. Through the courses I have taken at Fontbonne University and my own experiences, I have developed my personal philosophy that I plan to implement in my own classroom. I want to be a teacher that makes a difference for students. I believe all students want to learn, and it’s the teacher’s job to figure out how to engage students. I might have to try multiple methods before finding one that works, but it will be so rewarding when a method does work. The challenge of finding an effective method is exciting to me. I think that is something that sets me apart from other teachers.
Following my belief that all students can learn and want to learn, I believe my teaching style takes a very student-centered approach. I want to commit myself to assuring every student is given the resources and skills to succeed. I feel my teaching style strongly supports progressivism and Howard Gardner’s ideas of Multiple Intelligences. Progressivism puts the emphasis on the students, rather than the content (Parkay, 1998, p.134). By focusing on the student, a teacher will develop a child as a…

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