The Issue Of Social Reform Essay

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In an attempt to form a committee of the brightest minds to help lead our great nations and therefor the world, I submit to you the best men and women, I believe, to do the job. There are four fields I believe to be the most prominent and most crucial in the world today: Social, Educational, Military, Financial. For each of these categories will be listed two or three representatives to help guide the world to better success. Following is who would be best and why they are the best selections to help solve each of these serious global issues.
Social reform is something desperately needed in today’s society the world over. Problems still plague the world over from racism to sexism and highly specialized people are needed to handle them. With tragedies like Ferguson, Missouri increasing, attempting to throw the United States back to the civil rights days, something must be done. Also, sexism and discrimination are still a problem, “in 2013 women were only paid 78% of what men earned” (The Simple Truth). Some argue that this is because women begin having children, but this seems like a weak defense. Not all women have children at the same time and not all need the same amount of time off to care for their children.
Furthermore the mentally ill are not receiving proper treatment in the world today. In a study by the Treatment Advocacy Center, it was found that, “Recent studies suggest that at least 16 percent of inmates in jails and prisons have a serious mental illness. In…

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