The Is An Acronym For Computer Comparison Statistics Essay examples

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Comstat is an acronym for “computer comparison statistics”. It is a multi-faceted system for managing police operations. Comstat is an innovative business management process, system, and strategic methodology used to achieve an organization and goals. In a police organization, Comstat is a crime control process manifested in recurring meetings, usually one per week, during which the agency’s performance indicators are critically reviewed for improvement. The Comstat concept has been used widely in the law enforcement arena in many different forms throughout the United States and around the world (Tibault, Lynch, & McBride, 2011). Comstat is an organizational management philosophy, concept and tool combining a classic problem-solving model with accountability at all levels of an agency. This process is an examination and review of an agency’s status as revealed by quantifiable statistical indicators. In a police environment, the number and location of crimes and arrests as well as an analysis of suspects, victims, day and times of criminal activity, etc occurs in order to identify crime patterns, clusters, suspects and hot spots. Once identified, strategies and plans are developed to counter the increasing incidence of crime. The Comstat process encourages creativity in strategy creation, plans for allocation of resources and plans for deployment of police personnel, while at the same time holding managers and employees accountable for proactively confronting the…

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