The Impact Of Weather On Marathon Performance Essay

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As far as the dates go, I would recommend 4th Saturday of October 2016. There are several reasons for selecting those dates. The first is definitely the weather. The desirable weather can help speed runners on their way along the desired 26.2 mile course. In their article "Impact of Weather on Marathon Performance" published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, author Matthew Ely and his co-authors concluded that the ideal temperature for running marathons is between 39 degrees to 50 degrees for professional runners (Hamilton, 2007). According to the U.S Climate, the average temperature in Leavenworth in late-October is not too far from that ideal, ranging from about 47 degrees at 9 am, when the first runners leave, to a high of 60 degrees by 4 pm, when the last runners are crossing the lines. The ideal temperature will help runner to run fast as they desire colder temperatures. In retrospect, this makes sense, because the faster you run, the more heat your body generates. Colder air temperatures facilitate removing this extra heat more effectively, as long as your body can maintain its own optimal internal temperature for running.
As an organizer, it is also important to take into account holiday schedules and competition-especially for your first race. We need to pick a date where we don’t have a lot of competition with other public events or festivals. The tentative date is approximately fourteen months away and is not close to any public…

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