The Identity Of Amos, By Benjamin Moses Essay

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A prophet is a person regarded as an inspired teacher, or proclaimer of the will of G-d. “The English word “prophet” comes from Greek and literally means “spokesperson.” This further provides meaning since the prophets were “messengers of G-d”. In Hebrew the name עמוס (Amos) means laden, burdened, carried, and brave. In the Old Testament, a person named “Amos” besides the prophet is never mentioned. Out of all of the prophets, “Amos is the first of the “writing prophets,” that is prophets whose words are preserved in separate books ascribed to them.” Some prophets that came before Amos were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron and Joshua. But unlike those previous prophets, Amos was a minor prophet, as he had no connections to prior prophets. In this paper I am going to explore the identity of Amos, themes in the book of Amos, and how he conveys his prophetic message.

One might ask, who was Amos? Amos grew up herding sheep and cattle, and tending sycamore figs in Tekoa, a small village in Judah about ten miles south of Jerusalem. Some scholars are convinced that Amos’s prophecy took place during the mid eighth century, while others are precisely unsure due to insufficient evidence. The evidence that provides this date arises from archeological findings of the earthquake, mentioned in Amos 1:1, that occurred two years following his prophesy. Amos was born and prophesied during the ruling of Jeroboam II of Israel, the son of Joash, (786-746 BCE) and during the reign of the…

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