Essay about The Human Brain And Computers

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The Human Brain and Computers Human brains and computers can process information, there may be some similarities between the two, but overall, their abilities to process information differ. A computer may be able to process information quicker than the human brain, but the human brain has many different forms to process it. Both are amazing, they are able to process information, store it and even differentiate between all the information it is given. The differences for processing information between the two, is the ways they do it, and the fact that a computer is unable to fully function, much less, process information, without the help of a human. The human brain is able to process information in many different forms, it is able to process information by; a person’s behavior, emotions, writing, a person’s actions, verbal communication, and observing their surroundings through their five senses. It is also able to process information by using a person’s memories and past experiences. For example, the brain looks for the information in needs and can find the information needed by using key words that are able to trigger a memory or experience that has to do with the word, such as the word “snow”, a person’s first thought when hearing or thinking about the word would be what it looks like, how it feels, and a memory associated with it. Unlike the brain, when given a key word, a computer would look through its database and find information, such an image, a definition and…

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