The History And Philosophy Of Addiction Treatment Essay

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Luckily, the history and philosophy of addiction treatment has evolved a lot over the centuries. Every step made toward progress has also brought about many negative or unorthodox treatments along the way. Unfortunately, many of those treatments have led to patient suffering and quite often death. However, abuse and addiction treatment efforts in the United States can be traced back to the early 1700’s when leaders of Native American tribes deemed it necessary and created what they called “sobriety circles”. Native Americans were not accustomed to the potent alcohol products the colonists traded them, nor had they ever consumed it in such abundance (Frank, Moore, & Ames, March 2000). In that same century, Benjamin Rush, made advances in his efforts to help alleviate society of what possibly felt like, the spirits plague. He became known as the “Father of American Psychiatry” and urged others in the medical field and government to address alcoholism as a disease, not a moral choice, and should be treated as one by weaning individuals off alcohol as safely as possible. Dr. Rush and his peers also found that specialized facilities or housing was a necessity when attending to the needs of those suffering from mental disorders and addiction (Katcher, 1993). Unfortunately, his views did not guarantee a future for overall humane treatment, but it did help establish and implement a clearer path for others to follow. In the 1800’s, solutions like the Keeley Gold Cure and the…

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