The Greatest Symbol Of A True American Citizen Essay

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He is seen as a giant of a man, but he was of average height. He only spent eighty-four years on earth, but he was a man of many faces and many roles for our nation. He is the ultimate symbol of a true American citizen. From the 1700’s throughout our current society it is virtually impossible to find a resume that is comparable with his life experiences. He is one of the most respected and recognizable people in America. He currently appears on the one hundred dollar bill, but he was not elected president of the United States. He is Benjamin Franklin. After reading *****, to only select three characteristics on which to focus an eassy on is a dauting task based on his personal and professional achievementsis. The three primary characteristics of Benjamin Franklin that are promient are his scientific mind, his success as a businessman, and his political leadership abilities. Mr. Franklin was known for his inquiring mind which allowed him to pursue science. Using his curiosity he was able to explore a diverse range of topics such as the common cold, ocean currents, music, earthquakes and agriculture (CITE). As a scientific leader for our young impressionable country, both Mr. Franklin and America would benefit greatly from his love of science. His practical application of his ideas, dreams that were used for common and useful inventions would endear him to everyone. He changed the world we live in with his kite experiment, proving that lightning was a form of…

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