The French And Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War, also known as the 7 Years War was the starting point for America’s independence from Great Britain; or the American Revolution. Both England and France were trying to stake claim to the land between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River. When Washington and his men crossed into the territory the French took them captive and this was only the beginning. Retaliations from both sides continued between the two. Eventually the conflict in America would ignite a war in Europe that would include Prussia, Spain and Austria as well. Great Britain ultimately won the territory in America; however, their financial system took a hit.
Prior to the war, Parliament had slacked in their duties and the colonies had developed a somewhat independently ran government, but then after the war the British administration decided to take control. They made a decision to move troops to North America in hopes of adding protection and assuring order amongst the citizens, but this only added to the debt problem. In an attempt to boost the economy in England, George Grenville the new prime minister, created a series of Acts to impose on Americans because he felt they were not paying their share of the taxes. The colonists, meanwhile, had grown accustomed to things running their way, so when all of the changes started to occur they became disgruntled. Grenville passed the Currency Act and the Sugar Act in 1764; but when he created the Stamp Act in 1765, Americans had…

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