The French And Indian War Essay

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America has been shaped by so many factors such as wars, people, government acts, and exchanges in power. Some built America up while, others tore it down. The French and Indian War helped show the Colonists that they could battle on their own. The Declaratory Act led Thomas Paine to realize they needed to fight for their independance. The French and Indian War, The Declaratory Act, and Thomas Paine have been positive influences on America. The French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War, was the first colonial war. (Kindig) This war was honestly global, as it was fought on four continents and three oceans. (Tindall and Shi) The French and Indian war was an explosion of tension building since 1689 in France and England. (Kindig) Since communication was slow, seeing as they had to cross a sea to deliver it, it took a while for the colonies to ask for help from the British. Even when the request for help reached England it was denied. The English governors wanted to help the colonists (Kindig), but King George II was leary about what the colonists wanted to do with the support. (Tindall and Shi) The heart of the war was who could own and control the Ohio River Valley, with its rich land. The first fatalities of the war were disfigured soldiers that the Indians killed, tomahawked, and scalped. A month later, the French returned and fought General Washington because Washington watched as the Indians mutilated the French soldiers. Washington ended up…

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