The Founding Fathers Of The United States Essay examples

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The “Founding Fathers” of the United States would have answers to today’s most controversial issues, whether those are cases of police brutality in Baltimore or questions on the rights of same-sex couples through the nation. The era which brought into being the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is often referred to as the "New Enlightenment" during this era our Founding Fathers turn to the great works of Enlightenment philosophy when the time came to construct a new government. This new government would put man’s right as the top priority and working together to prohibit the rule of tyrannical leaders such as King George III of England. Enlightenment thinkers such as Montesquieu, Beccaria, and Locke ideas on the form and function of a government inspired the Founding Fathers to build a government in such a way that we can still see proof of today. Montesquieu 's concepts on the organization of government influenced the Founding Fathers as they designed the structure of the government. We can see evidence of influence his the Hamilton quote when he refers to Montesquieu’s ideas of the three branches of government. He claims that one branch should be “peculiarly endowed with sensibility;” this branch would be known as the Judicial branch because its’ members have the duty to interpret the constitution. The judicial branch explains the meaning of the Constitution and laws passed by Congress. Courts and judges must be sensible in this branch in order to…

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