Essay about The First Worldwide Luge Race

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Mentions of sled competing first appeared in accounts from Norway in 1480 and the Erz Mountain province in 1552. The first worldwide luge race took place in February 1883 with 21 participants in lieu of six nations, as well as the United States. The four-kilometer race, from the Swiss resorts of St. Wolfgang to Klosters, and prearranged by inns in Davos, was won by Georg Robertson, a scholar from Australia, and Peter Minch, a mailman from Klosters, who each raced to an indistinguishable first place time of 9 minutes, 15 seconds!

At the crack of the century, luge was actually administrated by the Federation International de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (F.I.B.T.), which administered all the ice-track sports. In 1935, the F.I.B.T acknowledged luge athletes as "Section de Luge"(, 5/5/2016). In 1955, the first world championships took place in Oslo, and in 1957, in Davos, representatives from 13 countries established their own international overriding body with the development of the Federation International de Luge de Course (F.I.L.). Luge was instated as an Olympic sport in 1964 at the IX Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria. The luge competition entails of four events: men 's singles, women 's singles, doubles and the team relay. Doubles teams can consist of two athletes of either gender, but currently no women are competing in doubles.

Having no official luge program at the time of the 1964 Winter Games, the United States ' first Olympic luge team…

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