The First Day Of Class Essay

1480 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
The Progress
On the first day of class, the nerves were undoubtedly there. I was finally taking an AP class, which I was placed in by my counselor, not having to write a paper to join because of me getting sick. My thoughts were swarming with thoughts of not being ready or that I was not good enough to be with the other students who had to participate in the admissions and were actually accepted. My nerves have calmed down since I have been in this class, me thinking I was not good enough became a much more smaller amount and starting to think slightly more confident in myself. I do think I have been appropriately challenged because it pushes me to get better when I do get points off, when I make the little mistakes, and to change the way I compose my essays. This class was an eye opener for me, I will be honest, I hated english before I got Mr. Perry and was very skeptical about how I was going to do. I was not the best writer nor thought my skills would advance. It has not been easy for me during this first semester. When we received back our Lord of the Flies essay it crushed me seeing what I got for a grade and looking around, seeing everyone with higher grades. After seeing all those and going in a funk about the class, which thinking about switching out even came to mind, I pushed myself to get better and I am now receiving the benefits that I have been wanting and finally being in the same state of mind of others around me. During this progress I have discovered…

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