The First All Electric Computer Essay

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In the height of WWII, the Germans used heavy artillery and unique tactics to dominate their opponents. The Allies attempted to counter them by any means necessary, but it wasn’t until in the middle of the war did the concept of the potential of computers hit them. Scientist soon found out about the computer’s ability to compute firing tables, break code, and communicate between relay stations. At the beginning of WWII, the first all-electric computer was invented by Professor John Atanasoff and his student Clifford Berry. The machine was called ABC. The ABC had been designed to solve sets of linear differential equations. It was as large as a desk and included 300 electronic tubes as switches and a 1,600 capacitor memory, but also had electromechanical parts such as relays and revolving drums containing capacitor memory (Guarnieri, 2012). But the project was never completed because Washington sent Atanasoff into a wartime assignment. However, this design was showed to John Mauchly which inspired him to push the boundaries of electronics. From this point on, the computer started evolving. During the war, computers were needed mostly for two goals. One was for computation while the other is for code breaking. In 1942, the U.S Army commissioned the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania to create an electronic computer that has the ability to compute trajectory tables that help gunners aim their missile correctly to hit their appropriate…

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