Essay about The Ethics Of Present Day Journalism

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Global technology has fast-forwarded communications to nearly light speed which provides information to levels once only dreamed of. Due to the escalation and rapid transmission of information through many venues (e.g., internet, television, radio, print) there is much dialogue concerning the ethics of present day journalism. The question that will be reviewed in this dissertation is: (1) what are the obligations of journalist’s in regards to reporting events responsibly, and (2) can Biblical ethics be applied to modern journalism?
Western society has always had an almost a morbid infatuation with crime and punishment, i.e., the dirty laundry of others. This student/advocate has noticed on numerous occasions anchors that have a gleam in their eye when relating the dirty laundry of others. The media has a responsibility to report events in a truthful manner; however, it can be argued that many journalists today trade their integrity for their own narcissistic agenda (e.g., money, promotion, political, personal). Many in society feel that they have to weed through news stories that have been skewed by the lack of credible reporting. The Public Relations Society of America Code of Ethics (PRSSA) and The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) have very high standards; however, it is apparent, that for many journalists in our present time, these standards have been lowered for personal gain, particularly by progressives.
It is vital to American democracy that television…

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