Essay on The Electrical Engineering And My Mother

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A few paragraphs earlier in this address Eisenhower mentions “in these days and in the years ahead the need for philosophers and theologians parallels the need for scientists and engineers.” Within my lifetime I have heard an unremarkable amount of facts and figures concerning how much STEM is growing, and thus have been greatly encouraged to pursue a degree in these fields. I am planning to major in Electrical Engineering and my mother is very pleased about this because I, according to her “need to get a good job that will provide for my wife as well as my mother.” I can honestly say that if I were to tell her that I was changing my major to philosophy she would likely faint, due to the reason that the odds of getting a job for philosophy majors are nowhere near as high as for engineers. Not to mention the great disparity between the average wage of an engineer versus a philosopher. But if the need for philosophers is truly parallel to that of engineers, why do we not see the same push to encourage students to study philosophy as we do for engineering. This I can see becoming a problem if not now then in years to come.
I agree with Eisenhower’s statement that a liberal and a practical education are not integrated together and therefore one student will get one while another student gets another. If this is true as the amount of engineers and scientist grows there will arise a great need for philosophers and theologians. I may be going about this in too literal a sense but…

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