Essay on The Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Children

1046 Words Jul 16th, 2016 null Page
“Fatigue is the best pillow”, Benjamin Franklin once said that, which means that not getting enough sleep and being tired is the best mental state to be, but I don’t agree. Sleep deprivation has consequences, which can occur to everybody. Sadly, I am one of the people who experiences or experienced it. I started to become sleep deprived in high school. With school, volunteering in different activities, video games and lots of homework, I receive a couple hours of sleep, which has influenced my performance in school. The effects from lack of sleep include threats to the human body, health, and endangering society, but these can be prevented by developing good sleep hygiene, educating ourselves, and getting involved in programs. Now that I have discussed the effects and solutions for sleep deprivation, I will explain the problems, solutions, and actions to take.

Sleep deprivation can be a threat our health and endanger society, but we have no knowledge about it. Us college students, lack of sleep and tired in the day, but awake at night. Some of these reasons could be because of work or studying, which is normal and reasonable because these are important to us, but we are not aware of the effects or damage that sleep deprivation has. It affects our attention, judgment, and concentration, which causes the inability to perform our tasks. For instance, according to an article, Causes and Consequences of Sleepiness Among College Students from the U.S. National Library of…

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