Essay on The Education World : Accountability For Education

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In today’s education world, accountability for education costs are increasingly falling into the hands of students and parents even though the price continues to rise. Due to this fact, some students are opting out of additional education. In the year 2009, only about thirty five percent of eligible students, aged 18-24, attend some type of higher education after high school (NCHEMS Information Center, 2016). There are many reasons for the gap in enrollment amounts, including cost, education level of the student, and their families’ background. In order for America to maintain the status as a leader in education, encouraging these millions of students will be a priority for colleges.
Recently, the Obama administration has increased the amount of funding the Federal Government gives to students through the Pell Grant and loans. Attracting students who come from a family with lower income is a key goal of this increase. Unfortunately, State governments took that to mean they could decrease their funding to universities. This was not the federal government’s intention. Any state that decreases funding should be punished. If states already have a certain percentage of their budget dedicated to education and scholarships, they should not reduce their funding. The intention of the increased funding for Pell Grants was to encourage low income students to continue their education. If states are taking their funding away, then students have no more encouragement than they did before…

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