Essay on The Education Of The Nsw Department Of Education

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The NSW Department of Education (DoE) has developed a Quality Teaching Framework (QTF) to assist in ensuring students experience quality learning whilst benefiting those of all abilities, regardless of cultural and linguistic differences. This paper will demonstrate the relationship between the QTF and those students with English as an additional language/dialect (EAL/D).

According to research on Quality Teaching by Killen (2009), there has been a continuous strive in refining teaching models to improve on the outcomes of student learning whilst providing teachers with sufficient techniques to ensure that there is effective and high quality teaching practices and quality learning environments. The Quality Teaching model presents pedagogy as the core business of the profession of teaching and this is reiterated in the Department of Education and Training, Professional Learning and Leadership Development Directorate (2008), ‘Students can learn substantial concepts and skills given the appropriate support, a stimulating environment and the expectation that they can succeed in learning’. Killen (2009) further draws upon effective pedagogical practices by referring to three main dimensions: intellectual quality, quality learning environment and significance. These dimensions or domains form the QTF and within each domain there are six elements. The element ‘Engagement’ under the domain ‘Quality learning Environment’ will be further discussed in relation to EAL/D students.…

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