The Education Of The American Education Essay

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The American Education A well-rounded education is more than just memorizing facts and doing the work required. A good education should teach an individual at any learning level how to think critically, think for themselves, and be an independent and fully functioning member of society. Education should also be a vehicle for children’s creativity and should support their efforts while guiding them in the right direction. I feel as if recently education at all levels has become less about the love of learning, and more about going through the motions of schooling. People nowadays go through the education system (specifically higher education such as college), to pursue a higher paying job or a degree to move on in their lives. And up until you are eighteen, you are required to go to school. I do not think it is a coincidence that there is usually no gap between high school and college. If it was not such a big pressure on teens to go straight into college and they were encouraged to take a year off, a lot of people would have the opportunity to decide what they think is right for them. And potentially, this would save them from wasting massive amounts of money. That would be a much better solution than trying school, and later figuring out it is not right for them. Personally, I felt extremely pressured into college. Having guidance counselors badgering me into applying for scholarships and having college fairs, all made it seem like it was the only option. Now that I am…

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