The Education Of The American Education System Essay

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Since 1983, when President Reagan’s administration released the publication, A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform, the American education system has been undergoing an all-encompassing paradigm shift. Subsequently our political leaders have enacted two initiatives, No Child Left Behind and Common Core State Standards, designed to hold school districts and teachers accountable for the education of America’s children. These initiatives are somewhat convoluted, but are in place to ensure that students who graduate our educational institutions are college and career ready. These reforms are all encompassing and in the General Assembly in 1995, legislation was passed that requires students with disabilities be educated and held accountable to the standards of their non-disabled peers (US Government, 2015). Until this time special education teachers had been afforded the professional freedom to educate students in their classes as they saw fit, and curriculum centered mainly on self-help and life skills. Now that these students must be part of the accountability initiative that calls for standardized testing for all, special educators must re-evaluate the curriculum they teach and the pedagogy they employ to do so. They must decide if they should select new philosophies and practices to meet the diverse needs of the students they educate in order to effectively prepare students for these more rigorous expectations so that they too are college and career…

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