Essay about The Development Of Public Education

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1. How did the development of public education differ in the Northern, Middle, and Southern Colonies?
In the Northern Colonies, many areas were founded by a religious group called the Puritans. These Puritans lived really close to each other and thus many small towns were able to form. Since the majority of people belonged to the Puritan group, a public educational system was able to be agreed upon. Thus, public schools existed in the Northern American colonies.
In the Middle Colonies, many different religious groups such as Puritans, Mennonites, and Catholics flourished in these areas. Also, people of many different nationalities (most of them being Dutch or Swedish) lived in these areas. As a result, since these people were so diverse from each other, they could not agree on a single public school system that would have worked for everyone. Hence, these groups established their own smaller schools.
In the Southern Colonies, people did not live very close together. Since it takes more than one person or one family to start and enroll in a school, public schooling was not possible for people in the Southern Colonies (especially, if you were a slave). However, if you belonged to a family that owned a rich plantation, tutors were hired to handle all schooling needs.
2. Discuss the evolution of elementary schools.
Elementary schools have evolved greatly from colonial times to where elementary schools are today. In colonial times, elementary schools were set up for very…

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