The Days the Cowboys Quit Essay

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Elmer Kelton
The Day the Cowboys Quit
Texas Christian University Press, Forth Worth The Day the Cowboys Quit written by Elmer Kelton is an old western novel based on the events of the strike that took place at old Tascosa in the Texas Panhandle in 1883. It portraits in a very unique and interesting way the social, political, and economical changes that were taking place in the years before and after the Civil War in Texas; how the cowboys who for long had being men that in a way represented freedom itself (For being able to go anywhere they wanted to, at any given time, and could survive with little to no money on their pockets)? Were falling victims to the stereotype of being a bunch of drunks, and downgraded to a regular
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One of the main changes was the proposition that any man that was hired for money would not be allowed to own cattle; due to the fact that it would be too easy for a cowboy to brand an unbranded maverick with his own brand, instead of the rancher’s brand that he worked for, a common practice in the old days that had produced many successful ranchers in past times, thus making the big corporations believe the cowboys could not be trusted; eventually with their political and economical power were able to pass strict laws that not only took away the right to own cattle, but also the right to have their horse on the rancher’s property, making the cowboy an easy prey for horse thieves.
As a result of all these strict and ridiculous laws many cowboys organize and went on strike, refusing to work for the ranchers and big corporations that enforced these rules. The strike fails to save the old lifestyle of the cowboy, but does not leave the big bankers and investors a clear full victory. Some cowboys stayed and found jobs doing something else, but the corporations did not stop there, their greed and lust for power drove them to commit more vile acts against the remaining cowboys. Their next step was to try and take away all the cattle that was still owned by the remaining cowboys like Hitchcock and his friends Rascal and Law. In a clear example of corruption and abuse of

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