The Day Working At The Coffee Shop Essay

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After spending her day working at the coffee shop, Laura was heading home to get ready for her very first concert. She loved her job, she worked her best friend LaFontaine, who happened to be a manager. Although the job is fairly easy, today was kind of hectic, so this concert is something she really needs to calm herself down. Betty was too busy to go and Kirsch had plans with S.J., so she was stuck going by herself. It was about time that Laura broke loose from her overprotective father’s rules, where she had to go everywhere with a friend and to bring her day of the week bear spray with her. She definitely needed some quality time to herself and this was her way of achieving both of those things. The golden brown haired girl looked at the clock on her nightstand noticing it was 4 PM. She needed to leave shortly just so she can get a good spot in line. If she showed up early enough, she was guaranteed a perfect spot at the barricade right in front of the lead singer of Blessed Crusade. Now all she had to do was choose an outfit. Laura wanted to be comfortable, yet look decent. After rummaging through her drawers for 10 minutes, she pulled out a navy striped V-neck and paired it with light blue skinny jeans. Once she looked into the mirror and was satisfied with her outfit, she ran out the door of her apartment.

The venue was rather small for a band that is known worldwide and extremely popular. It’s a bar called Dudley’s Tavern and it can probably fit 300 people at…

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